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More than a liquidity

any project or property can be yours for less than 50% of its value!

Engine of wealth, value and wellness !


We are committed to the environment and we treat mining and Biomass in a different way.
We have more than 25 thousand hectares destined for the sustainable development of BIO Pellets


Alex Cano


 "impossible processes become possible with this company"

Testimonials from our community

Hombre en la biblioteca

Thomas Boyle


 "The best allies to work with."

Hombre de negocios confiado

Abdullah Mensah


"Processes adjusted to all our simple needs and without intermediaries. fantastic"

Did not you know ?

Did you know that by investing in the mining sector you obtain profitability in
less time than doing it in
real estate?

We work under the USA license.

MBS# 31000236132575.

We take advantage of the processes and natural resources to the fullest!

We process our resources and convert them into Biomass to optimize our business profitability.

Our Clients Worldwide



We apply circular economy models in each of our processes, so that the development of any activity of the business holding can have a self-sustainability base derived from the good work of our company..

Constant and growing liquidity

Our self-sustaining work methodologies allow us to promote more than 39 business units and be a stable provider of liquidity for the structures that form the pillars of our company without having used banking or loans as a growth resource to date.


Growth and


We create new tools for sustainable development without external economic dependencies, using our properties and economic resources as the active engine of our sources of growth,
We convert each extracted and refined mineral into a support element of our own monetary base, free from institutional ties, giving us a unique capacity for growth and support at a business level.

Initial figures


direct employees

$228 M

initial capital


indirect employees


own companies

Main Sectors and BIO-PELLETS

We are the liquidity support of more than 39 business units specialized in strategic segments of the industry and we optimize the capacity derived from mining production to promote our own corporate  growth, which in turn serves as an example for government development initiatives.


innovation and development centers

BIO Pellets

Business investment centers

Do you know what we are?

UPHSM under US license MBS # 31000236132575.

does not offer any investment product or active capital management.


Our company is the first mining company, with a presence in 29 countries, that opens its doors for you to be an associate or co-investor within our business ecosystem.


As an associate you will be able to verify that your benefits are guaranteed by mining exploitation and commercialization, of which you will be a part with administrative rights.


All our processes are exposed to permanent audits by our associates, to encourage long-term business relationships, with strong transfer bases.

That is why we go through to guarantee that the investments of our associates are supported and guaranteed 100%.

Técnico de paneles solares

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+44 7440 43 69 60

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